Detailed Studies

Wetlands that are occupied by bog turtles may require detailed studies for potential impact assessment or management purposes. We have utilized telemetry (radio-tracking) studies to determine habitat use, nesting areas, over-wintering sites and movements of bog turtles. Population studies, vegetative characterization, invasive species assessment, historical land use research, critical use area identification, and management planning projects have been completed by Aqua-Terra. Our herpetological studies are conducted in accordance with a valid scientific collector’s permit issued by the PA Fish & Boat Commission.


Transmitter attachment process


Bog turtles with transmitters


A female bog turtle nesting - June 13, 2005



Bog turtle nest


Bog turtle egg - late July 2006


A hatchling bog turtle on its nest with an unhatched egg - November 16, 2006


Hatchling bog turtles are very small - June 18, 2006


A hatchling bog turtle


Bog turtle shells found out in the field