Construction Monitoring


Aqua-Terra can conduct the necessary agency required construction monitoring for your project. We've completed monitoring for new construction, pipelines, utilities, restoration, and transportation projects.

Dan and Jay document an endangered Willow Oak (Quercus phellos) as part of a construction monitoring job in Delaware Co., April 2007.

Aqua-Terra has extensive experience conducting construction monitoring when projects may have impacts on sensitive species of herpetofauna - particularly Bog Turtles and Timber Rattlesnakes. We provide site specific worker environmental and safety training, assist in developing construction activities that will minimize take of threatened herpetofauna, and conduct biological clearance surveys prior to, during, and after to construction activities.

Capturing and removing an amphibian within a workspace adjacent to a potential Bog Turtle wetland.
A Timber Rattlesnake in a bucket from a construction worksapce to be relocated nearby.


Northampton Co., PA, March 2003 Berks Co., PA, April 2005
Berks Co., PA, April 2005 Berks Co., PA, June 2005